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What does M10x1mm mean?


M means metric, ie specified dimensions are metric such as millimeters, centimeters, etc. May seem obvious but we also offer English ips thread which is why it is important to enter M.

10, 13 and 16 are the diameter of the thread. A 10mm thread is not exactly 10mm but 9.99 so that the thread does not get stuck with the corresponding nut, for example.

1mm is the thread pitch. Thus, M10x1mm means that the thread is metric with the thread diameter 10mm with thread pitch 1mm.

These M10x1, M13x1 and M16x1 are typical lamp threads, where M10 is the most common. M13 luminaires public environment. M16 is easily confused with English ips corresponding thread. M16 in industrial lighting.



Lamp cord white round 2x0.75mm² 70 ℃ | Lamp cord white round 3x0.75mm² 70 ℃

On lamp cords and cord racks, the product text can be according to the heading here. Misconceptions arise among our home fixer customers. Partly due to the fact that some companies sell pre-cut cords with fixed lengths while we sell per meter where a roll of cord contains 100 or 200 meters. Customers have perceived the 2nd or 3rd as the number of meters. We sort them out here:

2x0.75mm² and 3x0.75mm² but also 1x0.5mm² and 1x0.75mm² are in our range.

We start with lamp cord (white) round 2x0.75mm² where 2 means number of wires in the cord. The wires are blue and brown, respectively, if each is an area of ​​0.75 square millimeters written etc. the cord is then a two-conductor with an area of ​​each 0.75mm var

What then is 3x0.75mm²

Lamp cord round 3x0.75mm² then has 3 (three) wires. blue, brown and a striped two-colored yellow-green where each wire has an area of ​​0.75mm²

Without getting too involved here, we still want to point out here:

The two-tone yellow-green cable in the 3x0.75mm² cord may only be used as a ground connection cable. Internationally applicable law.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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