PVC lamp cord

PVC lamp cord - for use in all categories of lighting fixtures with a maximum load of 1200VA

We have here simplified the article intro text with

  • Lamp cord 2-wire
  • Lamp cord 3-wire

Lamp cord 2-wire is available as oval or round

Lamp cord 3-wire is only available as a round. By 3-wire is meant that the lamp cord has a ground connection cable that is only to be used as such.

More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

What do 2x0.75mm² and 3x0.75mm² mean

The selection of lamp cables here is 2x0.75mm² and 3x0.75mm² we get questions about what that means.

  1.      2x0.75mm² means that the lamp cord has 2 wires, one of which is blue and the other is brown, each with a thickness of 0.75mm², which is standard when it comes to cables for lighting fixtures. For the curious, the brown lead is so-called the phase line and the blue is the neutral line. Phase line is the input current and zero line is the return line. This is not something you need to keep in mind when using or mounting the lamp cord.
  2.      3x0.75mm² then has three wires and this is important: the wires have a blue, a brown and a yellow / green wire where the yellow / green is only for protective earth and may under no circumstances be used for anything other than just earth connection


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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