Lamp parts for home fixers and professionals

Certified Safe Lamp Parts produced in the EU and the USA

We are here for you as a Private Customer-Entrepreneur-State and municipality with tailored opportunities and conditions

Where are our lamp parts produced?

  • Denmark chemical articles, plugs, lamp cords
  • Italy Luminaire joints, flex arms, lamp chains, pipe nipples, lamp cords, textile cords, lamp holder, lamp holder cup, ceiling cup
  • Norway lamp cords
  • Sweden strain relief, lamp cords, lamp chain, lamp chain, chemical articles
  • Czech Republic Crystal Prisms, Glass Parts, Porcelain Lamp Holders
  • Germany Lamp Holders, Metal Parts, Tools, Strain Relief
  • USA Tie wire, some metal parts with thumb thread (ips thread), tools, lamp holder cup, fixture joints
Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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